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Sensor Wet Cleaning Kit Essentials Kit - Premium Dust-Aid Platinum Kit Contact & Mount Cleaner Spot & Mirror swabs Sensor Swab refill packs Giotto's Rocket Air Cleaning Fluids Cloths  Tissues  Brushes Fungus protection aids Projector Drive Belts Projector lamps - page 1 Projector lamps - page 2 8mm movie accessories Slide projector parts Refurbished Equipment
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Remove dust particles, spots and smears quickly and safely!

Whether it is loose specks of dust and fibres or some foreign matter sticking to or smearing the sensor, we have the right tools and materials. You will get the right advice and we will show you how to carry out safe and effective cleaning. Our SafeWipe swabs and products are used in our own workshop, as well as by technicians around Australia and in New Zealand.

Learn how to clean the sensor - and save money!

Cleaning the sensor is not rocket science! The instruction guides you receive
with our kits and products are written and illustrated by us and based on the
knowledge and experience we have gained over years of servicing cameras.

Important tips, techniques and workshop secrets are included! By following the
recommended steps and methods you will quickly become confident in cleaning
your camera sensor and lens optics.

The Premium Essentials Sensor and Optics cleaning kit Essentials kit > Dust-Aid Platinum > Dust-Aid's Platinum dry sensor cleaner Contact kit > Indispenseable Contact and Mount maintenance kit Projector lamps > Lamps for slide projectors and 8mm movie projectors SafeWipe cloths > SafeWipe MicroFibre cloths for all optics Projector belts >